Saturday, 21 December 2019

Pondering .... Bright Lights Swiss Chard !

Now I have never eaten or tired Chard before, I would not have a clue how to cook it BUT I got a free pack off a magazine so do I try growing it and see if I like it OR do I buy some and try it before making my mind up about sowing it?

How many of you end up growing something you have never tried before because the seeds came free on a magazine ?

The feedback I got from postings re this on different Facebook allotment and gardening groups was quite staggering, and I'm definitely giving chard a go this year and I suspect more varieties next year as I have additional space now I have an additional half plot to play with.  

UPDATE 3rd January 2020

Just seen these Mr Fothergill's Chard Peppermint Seeds advertised on Facebook one to try in 2021 possibly.

£2.40 a pack but no information on the web site about how many seeds in a pack?

Can you update the website please Mr Fothergill's ?

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