Thursday, 23 March 2017

Portable LED Grow Stations

A visit to my local hardware shop resulted in me finding clear plastic storage boxes that are wide enough to accept the 300x300mm square panel fixed to the lid and the lid shuts.

I used the trusty soldering iron to melt a hole for the kettle plug to go through in the end and three air/ ventilation holes along the long sided and one on the short sides

The original box that the lid would not shut on is being used  at the bottom of the stack to raise up the two grow stations so they are nearer the light from the window in my broom cupboard office.

Tomorrow I shall be sowing some Bettollo F1 Beetroots to go into the bottom grow house.

There is already a tray of beetroots in the space saver greenhouse, and It's going to be interesting to see if the ones in the grow station germinate faster than those that are in the space saver greenhouse.

Ummm I could possibly add one more box to the stack, but for the moment I think I will see how I get on with two.

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