Monday, 27 March 2017

Comfrey Pipe End Cap & Bottle Holder

With the comfrey growing on Spencer Road I have been making the parts I need for the new comfrey pipe.

Using bits of scrap WBP ply left over from the wet room works I have cut two cheek plates that are pre-drilled ready for three screws into the bottom of the 75x75mm timber post that the pipe will be mounted on.

The milk bottle is also around 75mm wide and is a snug fit. The height of the side cheeks was determined by being able to slide the bottle in under the silicon tube spout that is fixed to the end plate for the comfrey pipe, then it can be raised up and a brick placed under to lift the bottle up, so the spout is inside the plastic milk bottle.

The cap has a slot so its easy to offer up the pipe and end cap when erecting the pipe. The cap will also offer support to the bottom of the comfrey pipe.

The weight or press to exert pressure on the comfrey that will be cut up is supplied by a 2 litre pop bottle filled with sand that fits quite nicely into the 100mm diameter  drainage pipe that I have bought.

The trusty soldering iron made the hole in the cap to the bottle for a rope to be added and lots of knots made, so that the weight can be extracted from the pipe when it rots down and needs re filling.

The plant pot saucer also had a hole melted with the soldering iron so that the end of the string can not fall into the pipe and it also caps off the top of the comfrey pipe.

I will add photographs and maybe a video of the erection and the final pipe on this posting once it is erected.

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