Friday, 10 March 2017

More Modifications To Grow Station 2

Today before the builders arrived I made another modification to grow Station 2. I had a signboard that was left on the green in front of the house by a paving company trying to drum up work, not that they were actually doing any work around here. The council come and remove such advertising so I took the correx off the pallet before the council took it away. It's now offering a little insulation to the back wall but more importantly it's reflecting light.

A careful measure and cutting of the hole to go around the power socket and the correx board is supported off the wall and by the power socket.  

I have a couple of estate agent signs also made of correx that are currently on Mill Green allotment that I will have to bring home. I acquired them when vandals uprooted them further up the road on their way home from the local tavern one night, and then decided to deposited them once again on the green in front of my house.

I'm a sucker for recycling or re purposing materials, and the backs of the estate agent signs will be white and will line the wall in the left and I can rig something up to go on the right to reflect more light onto the plants.

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