Thursday, 9 March 2017

Modification To Grow Station 2

Today the two E27 Light Bulb Lamp Holders that I ordered arrived and I have wire them up and screw directly under the shelf lifting the light up further away from the top of the little chest freezer.

This hopefully will give me some extra head height for when the tomato plants grow to the point where they can be potted onto the vending machine cups, by then the next step should hopefully be the greenhouse on Spencer Road if I have managed to erect it in time. 

The other difference is that there is now a timer on the socket so that I don't have to remember to turn the lights on and off each day. Below is a photo pre modification.

On the round trip to the post office to send some mail with proof of posting I dropped off some kitchen compost & flowers to Spencer Road into Dalek 2, a layer of shredded cardboard, spent hops and horse manure. 

I also laid out the Onion weed membrane on bed 6 ready to take the onions down when I get a chance. I will  find a more permanent way of holding down the membrane like I have on Mill Green Allotment, but this will do until the onions go in.   

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