Friday, 11 November 2016

Seed Parade Flash Sale

A post from Small Pumpkin on the Grapevine today alerted me to a Seed Parade Flash Sale that ran until 9am there was a good selection but at 1p a pack I spent a princely 6p plus postage on:-
   Tomato Alicante 100 seeds
   Carrot Chantenay Red Core 2000 seeds
   Sweetcorn Lark F1 40 seeds
   Lettuce Lobjits Green 500 seeds
   Onion - Spring - North Holland Blood Red 400 seeds
   Leek Mussleburgh 400 seeds

I have registered with them for newsletters etc. so hopefully I will get an email next time they have a Flash Sale - The seedaholic in me can't resist a bargain.  

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