Saturday, 5 November 2016

Grow Your Own Grapevine MOMship

I've been a member of the Grow Your Own magazine forum the Grapevine for a while now, and have blogged here about the forum in the past. The members are called Grapes, and as virtual friends go they are a nice bunch and ready to share plants, seeds, knowledge and advice, and the vine (the forum) has a great community spirit.

I discovered to my delight that I have just been nominated as November 2016 Member of the Month or MoM. To explain what this honour means here is an extract off the forum 

"It is very difficult to choose a single MoM out of so many deserving Grapes, but we choose a shortlist every month, which is then selected from by Admin. The shortlist is chosen from; those who give great gardening advice, those who consistently support the community aspects of the Vine, and relative newcomers who show enthusiasm and community spirit.

Any Grape is free to nominate another Grape if they wish to do so (with reasons, not just cos they're a pal ) and they will then be shortlisted."

The badge of honour is added under the posting banner of the person selected, then the forum Admin and the Moderators post that the MoM has changed and then a thread starts of people who have spotted who the new MoM is, waiting for the new MoM to notice that they have been selected.

I was the punting around the forum catching up and looking for who was MoM when I noticed my banner,  I was completely taken by surprise and what a nice one. I suppose I should thank My Mum and Dad for having me and whoever had the bad judgement to nominate me, and all those that voted for me and all those that have sent nice messages

The Knight image above was posted by forum member Big Mallly (yes with three L's) 

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