Monday, 14 November 2016

Not Quite Bugs Bunny Carrots

Sunday was spent nattering with neighbouring plot holders and finally harvesting the carrots. As the title says these in no way of the imagination can be compared with the ideal Bugs Bunny type carrot!

These particular ones were left overs that my brother in law had started off in modules and they have inter-wound around each other as if in a crazy dance, or a loving embrace as they have grown and then have become stuck.

Where's a dog with a bucket of water when you want one?

My aim and objective is to gown some really nice long straight cigar type Bugs Bunny carrots in 2017.

I have acquired a number of different variety seeds, four different types from Lidl, Rote Riesien 2, Nantaise 2, Berlikumer 2, Karnavit.  I must say that the back of the packs are really not all that informative as they have vague instructions in four languages, so it was off to Google and search for some better guidance, which I have typed up on my planning page for Mill Green

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