Sunday, 27 November 2016

Not Quite Fort Knox

OK Fort Knox is a little bit of an exaggeration, but I bought two shed locks off ebay at £3.25 each, and today I visited the site to see if I had been hit again in the recent attacks.

Luckily I hadn't been attacked again, so only the twist in the top left corner of the door to contend with. I decided that I would put an additional lock in the corner rather than the rotating external toggle, hopefully preventing fingers getting in to apply force to the door. The horizontal bar at the top was prized away from the vertical T& G boarding. So that has been reinforced and the door screwed back together rather than nailed. 

The door shuts nice and sung again and no water can now get behind the door, and the only difference is that now I have two keyholes in the door. I also changed the lock halfway down the door so they take the same key and I don't have to have too many different keys on my key ring.

Whist on site I also managed to get the 10 sacks of leafs into Square Dalek 3 and I tried to clear to melted milk bottle off the lid,  but it had welded itself to it when the little darlings set fire to it. The watering hoses were put away as the water is now off for the winter anyway.

And the above with a couple of chats with neighbouring plot holders took the best part of four cold hours, I just don't know where the time goes when your on the allotment. My plans for also clearing the greenhouse on Mill Green will have to wait until next week.

Good news on the break-in front is that we not only have some cctv footage but also a registration number for a motorbike the scoundrels were using when they were seen hopping over the fence Friday. I'm looking forward to meeting the Parks Police with that information Monday afternoon if it can be arranged. 

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