Wednesday 31 May 2023

Biopsies & PET Scan

Yep that's me and one can see what Tumour "George has done to my jaw appart from eating the roots to two of my teeth he has hollowed out my jaw making it like an aero inside and I have an egg shell of the jaw left. 

So at this stage I've had two teeth removed which can be seen on the left image and the void created by "George"  and four biopsies taken

I also had another two biopsies taken into my jaw and a number via needles into my neck and throat, by two different consultants one male and the other female called Alex thus the plasters on my face   

So based on your sugar levels and weight they dose you up with radiation and make you sit in a broom cupboard that is made to feel like being out in the country for 45 minutes and then they scan you to see where your body is sending help to fight infections and nasty stuff.

It made me fell like a captain of a federation star ship 

View from the Captains Chair 

 Once cooked it's about 40 minutes in the  MRI tube being scanned 

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