Sunday 14 May 2023

Banham Marsden March.

Sunday 14th my daughter Emma and son-in-law Andy did the Banham Marsden March. I dropped them off at the start and we tracked them from start to finish.

My sister Elaine made a banner that they did not know about and we cheered them on at Cheam baths, and provided sweets for the sugar and some replacement cool drinks.

On arriving at the allotment I found a gifted apple tree from my plot neighbour Henry

In between we had been to the allotment and I had sorted out some plants in the potting shed and my sister weeded the Mares tail out of the bed I had started a few days ago.

Later in the day I had to pop back to the allotment to recover my sisters coat that she had left on a chair, and when I opened the potting shed one of my plot neighbours had kindly left me a small excess apple tree they had to replace the one that got vandalised last year.

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