Monday, 26 December 2022

Mustard Leaves (Autumn Sowing Mix)


A fantastic mix of mustard leaves to keep you cropping all Autumn/Winter

Spicy like rocket when used raw in salads and sandwiches

Mild like spinach when cooked in soups

Mustard Leaves (Autumn Sowing)  - 500 Seeds - £2.49  - Dobies - Sow By 2025

This mix of fiery mustard leaves will spice up salad bowls, sandwiches and stir fries, adding both flavour and colour. Hardy enough to harvest through autumn and winter, this is an easy, space-saving crop which is indispensable for the kitchen garden. Height and Spread: 150mm (6”).

The web site has the above graphic showing it can be grown and harvested all year, the packet however tells a different story! So which one is correct? 

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