Monday, 12 December 2022

In My Seed Box For 2023 - Sprouts


Brussels Sprouts are like Puppies
They are NOT Just for Christmas 
they are for all year round.  

2022 the heatwave killed off the seedlings and I was sprout less. 

2023 will be the return of the Sprouts so that we have fresh home grown for Christmas 2023 and hopefully a little before and after from 10 plants. 

This year, I've updated my seed stock following the 2022 and the heatwave that killed off all my sprouts in the first and second sowings. I really need to make the magic happen again and have a selection of sprouts ready for Christmas 2023. 

Without doubt from the purchasing seeds point of view Seeds To Suit are the best value for money and if the MANVSLUG10 10% Discount code is used to buy the seeds then they actually only cost 35p for a pack of 20 seeds a whopping £3.14 Cheaper than the Marte F1 from Dobies. 

At the end of the day, it's going to be interesting to see how these four varieties do on the germination front, the seedling strength and resistance to early spring heatwaves (if we get another one in 2023) and ultimately how nice and tight the sprouts are when ready to harvest and of course their taste. 

Once again I will be looking to grow 10 planting positions in the 2.4m x 1.2m bed and the bed will be covered using the Sprout Hoops and double debris netting, to keep the Cabbage Whites away from them.  

Churchill  F1                 -  30 Seeds - £2.99 - Dobies - Sow By Dec 2025 
Evesham Special         -  20 Seeds -     39p - Seeds To Suit - Sow By Oct 2024 
Igor                               -  30 Seeds - £2.80  - Mr Fothergill's RHS     - Sow By 2024
Marte F1                       -  20 Seeds - £3.49  - Dobies - Sow By Dec 2024
Cryptus F1                    -   8 Seeds -  £4.99  - Suttons - Sow by 2026                              
Thus sow 2 of each seed and look at planting 2 of each into the bed


Sow Indoors February - Mid March or Sow Outdoors Mid March to the end of April 
Plant Out in May 

A second sowing will take place 14 days - 21 days after the first, as Brassicas can curl up a die so easily if it becomes too warm as I found out in 2019


September - December depending on the variety. 


17th December 2022

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