Tuesday 6 December 2022

Cucumber Lunchbox F1 - Mr Fothergill's

Cucumber Lunchbox F1 - Mr Fothergill's - 10 Seeds - £4.55 is New to Mr Fothergill's and has been a
dded to my cucumber seed box for 2023. 

The web site says it's highly productive, with 3-4 small, sweet tasting cucumbers per node. 

Best harvested at 150mm but they can grow up to 20cm (8") or longer, which does not really tie in with the name as you expect them to be small cucumbers that will go into a lunch box more like a mini muncher. 

Shows good resistance to disease. 

Sow Indoors February - May, 20mm (3/4") deep, on edge, in 75mm (3") pots of seed compost. Keep moist and warm at approx. 21C (70F). When seedlings have developed 3 - 4 leaves, transplant in 125mm (5") pots. 

Grow on at approx. 15C (60F) can be grown in greenhouse boarders, grow bags, large containers or outdoors in a sunny position. Harden off and plant out late May-early June, spacing 900mm (3feet) apart. 

Train plants as they develop, removing side shoots from the first 4-6 lead axils. Keep the greenhouse atmosphere humid and shade to avoid scorching in hot weather. 

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