Sunday 4 December 2022

Goji Berry from Seeds To Suit

Until I received the November Newsletter from Seeds To Suit, I had never heard of Goji Berries, and I just love the look of them. I have no idea what they taste like, but I had to do some web browsing and google searching to find out more about this lush and plentiful perennial plant that could become part of my movement towards a more Permaculture based and Food Forest additions to my allotment plot, as I add more perennial plants and build up my fruit area.

Looking at the cost of buying plants for 49p from Seeds To Suit for Approximately 15 Seeds it's got to be worth buying a pack and growing them just to try them, especially as if I don't like them, I know my daughter Emma will. 

If you decide to also buy some Goji Berry seeds from Seeds To Suit and you are a new customer, you will get an introduction 10% Off. If you are an existing customer than use the Discount Code below that is good to at least November next year. I highly recommend that you subscribe to their monthly newsletter.   

After watching a number of very informative YouTube Videos I've included a couple in this post, and some links to others and you will find many other on YouTube. 

Some of the guidance from video-to-video conflicts, but that's what happens when you get a group of gardeners together talking about the best way to do anything.     

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