Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Sowing Update


Eight days on from Sowing Spring Onions on the 5th August, here's how they are doing under the propagator lid, they have been out in the unheated greenhouse for the last 3 days after I saw that germination was happening. The lid will stay on for a few days more until I see more activity happening in some of the cups and then the lid can stay off. Another batch will be sown in a weeks time. 

6 of the 11 Cauliflower Andromeda sown on the 7th April, just six days ago are showing their heads above the soil. The propagator lid is on at the moment once a few more plants surface I will take the propagators lid off. At 11am today being overcast and cloudy the temperature in the unheated green house is between 19.2 and 21.7C with the door cracked open a little. 16C at the moment but anticipated to be 18C outside at 3pm when the sun breaks through. 

Four Brodie Brussels Sprouts showing at the moment also sown on the 7th April with the Cauliflower. 

The first batch of Brassica that survived the mini fools spring heat wave and were potted on into vending machine cups on the 9th April appear to be happy in their new larger pots. 

The grass in the back garden that was trimmed yesterday was gone over with the lawn mower today, and the contents emptied into a 40L Tuff Tub or Flexi Tub or Flexible Rubble Container, or whatever other pet name you have for these very useful items that every allotment owner should have. 

I took the Tuff Tub down to the allotment and added to the active Dalek watered in then added a 10 Litre of shredded compressed paper into the Dalek and also watered that in.

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