Wednesday 6 April 2022

Not More Seeds!

I went to Lidl last night for some shopping and came back with a few gardening extras. I needed a couple of more propagator lids as two of mine melted in the greenhouse and I have a Tuff Tub broken on the plot that needs replacing and then 5 packs of seeds for £1 and £2 it just had to be done.

However according to my wife "Not More Seeds! If you never bought another seed again what you have would last you until you die, and you know the girls will just chuck them all away when that happens!"

My reply "Thanks for that Babe, but I was hoping to last long enough to sow these and enjoy the results!"

Packs marked 3 were 49p a pack or 5 Packs for £2 saving 45p
Packs marked 1 were 29p a pack or 5 packs for £1 saving 45p

My selections were

Supersweet 100 Tomatoes 8 seeds as I have never grown this variety before

Restina (Cucumbers for Pickling) so Gherkins really and I need to grow these for my sister.

Charisma Carrots just because they look a nice carrot

Golden Eye Beetroots as they will look cool in the Square Foot Gardening bed, and I always grow red ones.

Vienna Radishes as they are shallow ball radish again ideal in the Square Foot Gardening beds.

3 Packs of De Barletta Onions because I have just sown onions and will be sowing many more this year, pus I could see any other (1) marked pack of anything I fancied.

De dix huit jours Radish as they look like French breakfast variety and Saxa 2 is again another small ball radish.

Parkside Propagator Set 4 pack consisting of 4 trays, 4 module inserts - each with space for 24 plants - 4 transparent covers. Dimensions 360 x 120x 220mm (W x H x D)

The inset trays don't have a drainage hole in them, so I may take the soldering iron to them to make one in the middle of each cell where the circle is

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