Wednesday 3 November 2021

In My Seed Box for 2022 - Parsnips


Parsnips were a bit of a failure in 2018 and didn't happen in 2019 due to my leg injury. I managed to get some parsnips sown on the allotment in 2020 before the Covid-19 put us into shielding, So I'm looking forward to repeating the success of 2016 & 2017 and have a full 2.4m x 1.2m beds worth in 2022 that's 105/ 6 varieties = so that's 17 to 18 per variety if they all germinate.

Bought by my sister in a Speedy Seed variety pack - Hollow Crown 

New for 2022 - Warrior F1 - Suttons - 17 50 81 - 350 Seeds - £2.99 

Parsnip 'Warrior F1' proved to be a fantastic performer during its time at the trial grounds and is a British bred variety. It grows flavoursome, chunky, gradually tapering roots that measure up to a whopping 28cm (11”) in length. However, if you prefer even larger roots, just leave them to grow on!

As it says in the name, this parsnip is a strong, sturdy and reliable warrior that is also known for its resistance to root canker and holds its healthy foliage with pride. If you like your parsnips sweet, a good tactic is to leave the roots in the ground to get ‘kissed’ by the frost. The roots will continue to keep well in the ground, and these crops taste amazing when served up with a Sunday roast or left in the slow cooker for winter warming soups.

Sow thinly into a finely raked, warm, moist soil at a depth of 10mm in rows 300mm apart. (Germination up to 28 days). Thin Seedlings to 150mm between plants. best grown in well-cultivated soil which has not been recently manured, otherwise roots can fork and twist. Frosts sweeten the flavour, so only lift roots as you need them.

Already in the Seed Box 

Tender and True   - 350 Seeds - £2.09 - Johnsons - Seeds By 2022
White Gem           - 300 Seeds - £1.00 - Wilko               - Sow By 2022
Picador F1  - 200 Seeds - £2.10 - Mr Fothergill's - Sow by Dec 2023
TZ 9045 F1 - 200 Seeds - £1.99 - D.T.Brown - Sow By Dec 2022
Warrior        - 350 Seeds - £2.99 - Suttons - Sow By Jan/2024

Picador F1 - A remarkably vigorous variety producing high quality, smooth white roots that are long in length. This hybrid is exceptionally clean and high yielding. Resistant to canker and has an excellent flavour. Winner of an RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Parsnip TZ9045 F1 - This exclusive new variety from D.T.Brown has caused quite a stir with their friends from the NVS (National Vegetable Society). It has the cleanest, whitest skin of any parsnip currently available and stays white even on the showbench - highly recommended by renowned parsnip grower Jim Pearson. With a harvest period of almost six months, this exclusive parsnip yields long, well-filled roots with a superbly sweet flavour.  Similar in shape to the renowned Gladiator F1, it's resistance to canker too.

I'm going to try chitting and growing in kitchen towel & loo rolls early as well as direct sowing in 2021, I'm looking to fill a 2.4x1.2m Bed with just Parsnips if I can. 

What Varieties do you grow and had the most success with ?

When do you sow your Parsnips?

Do you chit the seeds or Sow Direct ?

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