Sunday 14 November 2021

Then Rain Stopped Play!

Andy came to help me again this morning which was most appreciated as I get twice as much done, and we get to chat over a coffee  & cake after a couple of hours of work.  

View Up plot 1A, the two beds in the middle of the photo were worked on today Andy cleared the Sweetcorn and cut it all up and added it to a Dalek then weeded, raked added a little slug pellets and covered the bed for Winter.

I managed to harvest the beetroots on the bed next door, but rain stopped play and I didn't manage to remove and clean the planting membrane and cover the bed for Winter. The rest of the beds on Plot 1A need to be closed down for Winter and the debris from the boundary wall works needs to be dealt with and a general tidy up ready for next Spring.

2nd and last beetroot harvest today and another two beds tucked up for winter, so I have some processing and pickling to get on with tomorrow.

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