Sunday 27 June 2021

Pauline's Plots

These are some photos of my sister-in-laws two plots 6 & 7 on Mill Green. I took these so she could see what state her plot is currently in as she has not been able to get too it for a little while. 

Path between plot 6 (Vegetable Beds) on the left and plot 7 (Orchard & Fruit) on the right  

Looking into plot 6, many of the vegetable beds have not been used this year as Pauline has been in the process of moving house. Paul who currently has 6A & 7A is going to give up plot 7A and taking over plot 6 was supposed to start using the beds, however Michelle on plot 5 has taken advantage of some of the free beds. The wood chipped paths are gradually returning to grass.  

View from the path between plots 5 & 6 looking at plot 6 and plot 7 the fruit and orchard in the background 

Fruit Tree in the Orchard.

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