Saturday 13 February 2021

SFG & Rhubarb Bed Timbers

At the suggestion of Kelly I popped down to the allotment for a couple of hours to have a potter about. The temperature was 1C and some snow is still hanging on and buckets and containers are full and iced over still. 

All of the timbers that I had stacked up on the bed frames to dry had fallen over, either blown by the storm or knocked over by a fox or cat and like dominoes were all laying down. The snow has been melting but a few timbers are still covered in snow/ice with icicles hanging off. 

Each timber was looked at, the screws and nail removed and then stacked on the bed frames of the beds with green manure growing on them. Iced face towards where the sun will be tomorrow morning. 

There are three stubborn screws to still come out and a joist hanger with trimmers to be removed from the timber on the far left and two more joists to be cut and cleared of any nails then they can be drilled and painted ready for assembly when the box of 80mm timber long screws arrive.

The shorter timbers that are to be cut to 700mm long to make the 600x600mm Rhubarb beds were also staked facing the sun to dry off.

The daffs and tulips don't appear to have been hit very hard by the snow and once the temperatures increase a little I will be moving them in the green along the edge of the path between plot 1 and plot 2.

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