Tuesday 9 February 2021

ORIA Digital Thermometer Hygrometer

As you guys know I love a gadget and my latest arrived last night and I unpacked it and set it up this morning, it's an ORIA Digital Thermometer Hygrometer [Upgraded] with 3 Wireless Sensors, Touch Screen Backlit, Indoor/Outdoor Humidity Temperature Meter Monitor, 100m Range, °C/°F, 10s Auto Refresh for Home, Greenhouse.

Cost me £26.09 from Amazon use hyperlink https://amzn.to/3juXSP4

I used my Brother P-Touch labeller to number the bases which Channel I had set the Sensor too

I like this set up as unlike my previous one I don't have to plug it into the mains and having set it up the communication with the sensors has not dropped and the display rotates through the three channels plus the display is very visible during the day and there is a backlight button on the touchscreen icons along the bottom.

During the summer the sensors will go in each shelf or tray level at the moment I have Sensors 1 & 2 under the propagators on the top and second shelf, which are then covered in bubble wrap and fleece in the greenhouse.

Sensor 3 is out in front of the mushroom trays in the second shelf in the Space Saver Greenhouse. 


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