Tuesday 16 May 2017

The Gate Returns & Wicks 3 for 2 Offer.

Well it actually looks like Idverde who have won the Parks Contract with the local Authority can perform faster than the Local Authority and the gate is back up in record time.

I've started potting up the Tomatoes, and hardening off the ones inside the waiting buckets as I have run out of compost.

A visit to Wicks and I have managed to pick up a 3 for 2 offer on Westland Multipurpose Compost 100L with my 10% Discount app on my phone 300 Litres for around £15 is a good deal.

I normally use B&Q Verve but the 125L packs are just too heavy and large to handle easily. And buying 3 x 70L for a £10 is just not value for money.

B&Q could do with taking a leaf out of Westland book and reduce the size and weight to make them more manual handling safe.

One has to ask the question have B&Q never heard of the Manual Handling regulations?

For the moment my time is booked for decorating in advance of new carpet being laid before the stair lift is fitted, so once that's done I will be able to open the Westland MPC and see how it compares with the Verve. I do always use the Westland seedling compost but I have not tried their MPC before. I hoping the quality is as good as their seedling compost, I have never been disappointed with their products yet but we will see.

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