Monday, 1 May 2017

Shelf Fitting, Weeding & Laying Slabs

I was on the Spencer Road allotment plot 23B early this morning at about 7:30, to miss the rain that was due and arrived between 10 and 11, and to get a few hours in before the rest of the household woke up. I took the shelf and fixed the supports on the sides of the extension to the shed. I trimmed about 4mm off the width of the shelf unit to give a little tolerance as the sides are not totally parallel or a hundred percent vertical. I forgot to take the hinges, so hinges and toggle to hold the shelf when in the up position will need to be fitted on the next visit.

Still didn't get around to planting the next bed of spuds as the weeds had started to take over the Japanese Onion bed and they needed to come out as the onions don't need any competition. The other onion bed that has the Coco compost mix on has hardly any weeds, so perhaps I should mulch around the Japanese onions?

Not enough time let to get into any serious digging done, so I decided to start re arranging the paving slabs where the greenhouse is destined to go. the 300mm wide strip will now go on the boundary with my neighbours plot allowing about 700mm between the extension to the shed and the side of the greenhouse when erected.

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