Saturday, 27 May 2017

My Comfrey Cup Runneth Over

It's been 16 days since my last visit when there was about 5mm of comfrey in the bottom of my milk bottle under the comfrey pipe, but on my visit this morning I found that my milk bottle of comfrey had literally runneth over!

The weight in the pipe was no longer protruding from the top of the pipe and looking at how much I had to pull it back up the comfrey level was about halfway down the pipe.

The milk bottle was swapped out for an empty one and the full one capped and moved to one side. Then two square flower buckets of comfrey was cut up and thrust down the pipe until once again half of the weight was protruding from the top of the pipe.

The concrete blocks and the paving slab for the comfrey water butt need to be transported from Mill Green Allotment to Spencer Road at the earliest opportunity so I can have comfrey on draft.  

I could wait no longer to put the air onions in, so they have gone into the end of the bed three along with 15 bunches of spring onions as I have not had time to dug the air onion bed 2 or fabricate the raised bed out of the scaffold boards.  

One would not believe that I cleared the weeds from the onion beds 3 & 5 about a fortnight ago, the little rain we've had along with the sunny warm days and the weeds have really gone for it. I didn't have time to weed both the onion beds again, only half of bed 3. I have been promised so mulch from Marshalls to trial that may help keep the weeds at bay.

I did however manage to plant the last 10 Estima potatoes into bed 4 leaving 9 locations for some other potatoes so that's priority next visit.  

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