Saturday, 14 January 2017

Tomatoes Compost & Coir

I have a new car all lined up, so I'm using the old one that I'm going to scrap to do as many mucky jobs and short runs as possible and to use up the tank of petrol before she goes to the crusher.

The tomato plants have long since gone but the spent compost & coir has been taken to Spencer Road Allotment to be used as a soil conditioner.

  Bed 2 is looking good after 14 flower buckets had been emptied on it

Bed 3 had the stable manure scrapped off and put in flower buckets and then six flower buckets of Tomato compost & coir has been added as a dressing.

A sack of sand decanted into milk bottles and put in the blow-a-way to dry out, as I need soft bricks to hold down the membrane when it finally goes on top of the beds.  

Next visit to find a home for all the sacks of hops that are currently on the paved area so I can continue to level the slabs.

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