Sunday, 8 January 2017

Grow Light Station 2

Brought my surfing and visiting shops looking for grow lights and ancillary items to a conclusion just before bed last night and have ordered the items I need for my second stage grow station 2.

From ebay

£  9.99  Philips Tornado 42W or 60W E27 Edison Cool White Spiral Energy Saving Light Bulb

£  9.95  Daylight 6500k Spiral SAD 42w Day Light E27 Low Energy Bulb Hydroponics Lamp

From Amazon

£  0.84   Lamp Socket Converter (E27 to 2x E27)

£  1.07   Skytronic 401.090 Lamp Socket Converter Bayonet Screw

£  3.80   Mercury Switched Clip on Lamp Holder
£ 25.65

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