Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Rotary Soil Sieve

The Clarke CRS400 Rotary Soil Sieve has a price range of between £64.66 - £38.32 when undertaking a google search, which is mind boggling that companies get away with selling it for so much.

Tool-net have it for £24.94 + Vat = £29.93 then when you add £6.99 for UK Mainland delivery and they apply VAT not only to the item but also on the Post & Packaging it comes to £38.32.

I could not find one to pick up in a local garden centers for the £29.93 price tag.

After some searching & research I found the Apex Rotary Soil Sieve Compost Sieve Mesh Riddle from Germany which can be bought via ebay for £34.98 including delivery.

So £3.34 cheaper than the lowest UK price and shipped in from over seas, absolutely crazy but I do like a bargain, and that's equivalent to six packs of seed with change in the Wyevale 50p seed sale later in the year.

I did inform Clarke & Tool-net via email of the price difference and that I was thinking of getting the alternative product from Germany and suggested that they may wish to provide me with the Clarke CRS400 for comparison.

Funny I never got a reply from either company! 

The Apex & The Clarke are the same size looking at the specifications the images just make them look different.

If I am lucky enough to obtain a review product from Clarke so that I can compare the quality of both that will be marvellous, however I get the general feeling that isn't going to happen.

Especially if they are fundamentally the same product with different branding and paint colour.    

Happy to be proved wrong Clarkes or Tool-net if you read this.

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