Monday, 31 October 2016

Patrick & Pats Guts added to Dalek 2

The Inners and outer skin of Patrick and Pat the cat (so named by Kelly my daughter and carver) were taken down to plot 23B and their biological and technological distinctiveness was added to the rest of Dalek 2  Resistance was futile."

Whilst there I managed a chat with some fellow plot holders and cut all the remaining comfrey from Comfrey beds 1 & 2 and added it in alternating layers with last years manure that has stood in flower buckets for the last year holding down plastic on the plot as I work my way from both ends towards the middle. I have been approached by a company called SoilFixer to undertake some testing of their products and report the results here on my Blog next year.

To this end they will supply me with their Compost Humification Agent, or in simple terms a compost activator with the extra Humification factor.

I would have been delivering more decking for the raised beds had Wicks not increased the price and dropped the 4 for the price of 3 offer that they had been running, so it looks like no more timber until Easter next year when it will go on offer again.   

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