Sunday, 9 October 2016

Harvesting & Clearing Plot 1A & Plot 23B

An early start and a visit to plot 1A as access is restricted during the week, the weather is still being very kind to us and I'm taking full advantage. The aim of the visit today was to extract the remaining half a bed of King Edwards from bed 2, turning over the first half again and looking for missed spuds as I hate it when volunteers start growing in the beds in the following year.

The comfrey was cut back and the pipe filled to the brim again with the weight just sitting on the top.

The butternut squash and cucumbers that only grew foliage were cut back and up into small worm digestible dalek composting size. I know it takes time but I feel I have to give my compost making buddies as much help as possible to assist me in making good quality compost.

Below is a short video, hopefully for your enjoyment.

Then it was onwards to plot 23B for the last hour to start clearing the butternut squash there and feed the daleks. 

Low and behold another four smallish squash were found in the initial clearing of bed 01 and the paved area in front where the greenhouse is planned for.

A Tupperware box of Raspberries were picked for Emma, and a number of spring onions were harvested.

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