Monday, 31 October 2022

Seeds To Suit

I've only just become aware of Seeds to Suit and after a look on their web site it appears they are another seed supplier whose ethos is like that of a number of other smaller seed suppliers that allotment holders know and love like, 
Seeds to Sow, More Veg, Growseed, Simply Seeds, Premier Seeds Direct and Seed Megastore, etc. 

It will be interesting to see where they come in the updated league table when I update Before You Buy Seeds II  

Their mission statement is to "run an environmentally friendly business that uses little to no plastic and encourages zero waste. To that end all their packaging is fully recyclable, unless they reuse packaging they have received. Seeds are provided in quantities that are better suited for individual users, small holdings and allotments etc." 

As they point out on their web site who actually needs 2500 carrot seeds?
Not only do they want to offer their customers great pricing, but they also want to keep their costs to the environment as low as possible and encourage everyone to enjoy their gardens and vegetable patch and to be part of something even greater; to create spaces to encourage the bees, butterflies and all the insects that are so vital to our existence.

At the time of writing this blog posting, they only supply seeds within the UK and send their seeds via Royal mail (allow 3 - 5 days delivery when Royal Mail are not on strike, if they are, then obviously allow for that!) using a flat rate charge of £1.40

Seeds to Suit have been added to my list of UK seed suppliers in the left margin of this web site, and I will be looking at their web site when I come to topping up my seed box for 2023.  

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