Friday 28 October 2022

In My Seed Box for 2023 - Mushroom Kits

The Suttons Autumn Catalogue new for 2023 Page 63 four different Large 7.5 litre Mushroom Kits

Now mushrooms are something that I have not grown before, and the catalogue says watch our video 

I have a Large 7.5 litre Mushroom kit sitting in my broom cupboard office and I will be growing mushrooms shortly as the days get shorter, the nights get darker and the cabin fever and lack of being able to grow much of anything takes hold. 

Mushrooms can be grown all year round which is a good thing for those of us that get growing withdrawal symptoms.      

Brown                           White Button                             Chestnut

King Oyster                         Oyster                                  Oyster Grey

Shitake                              White                                   Yellow

The "Brown" and "Chestnut" appear to be the same mushroom it's just that the KB9281 - 7.5 Litre kit in the Autumn Catalogue it's called "Brown" and the KC1121 - 3 Litre Kit it's called Chestnut for some reason. Both codes lead to a single web page for the Chestnut!

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