Sunday, 9 October 2022

Compost Making


Sunday afternoon spent on the allotment cutting up Comfrey and Brassica's that had bolted and filling up two Daleks to the brim with layers of greens and browns, watering each layer as it was added and then putting in the composting thermometers so I can see if they are warming up and cooking on the next visit.

Runner Beans yet another small tug load donated with a courgette that thought it was a Marrow to one of my plot neighbours who are in their first year of ownership.

I found that if I cut the green stuff up it rots down a lot faster and lets the worms and microbes make much better compost. It is however time consuming but very satisfying once you get the finished product to use.

Hopefully both dials will show some heat increase next week, the first Dalek was warming up by the time I put the thermometer in the second Dalek

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