Sunday 21 August 2022

Sunday Morning Visit

A good mornings work on the allotment today with my son-In-law Andy. We got so much done, beds weeded and put to bed primed for the next sowing and cabbages out of the small hoop and debris netting and larger hoops and debris netting.

Cabbage bed before adding the debris netting with Andy in the background working on clearing one of the two remaining onion beds.

Purple sprouting broccoli no longer sulking now growing

Andy had cleared the 2nd onion bed of onions and weeds and had moved onto the 3rd onion bed so I took the105 hole planting membrane and attached it to the Herris fencing and washed and brushed clean. One of the sheets needs a little work and was brought home to have a little TLC and repair with the soldering iron.

Beetroot bed cleared of all weeds, a very poor germination rate but there again they were sown in the middle of the heatwave. I need to take some more beetroot seeds and try again for a late crop of small beetroots between the existing beetroots in the bed.

The two onion beds after clearance of the weeds and onions, one ready for some sowing of winter crops and the other topped up with spent compost as soil conditioner before being covered for the winter or until I sow some green manure. Sweetcorn second sowing is growing well just not sure if I will get at the corns before the squirrels.

Same two beds from the other direction after they were covered and before we left for the day.

Harvest of Onions Raspberries, Cucumber and Grapes from John on plot 10, It's going to be another year or two before I get any of my own seedless grapes as long as the squirrel leaves me some to eat. 

Plants watered and raspberry canes tied back and controlled such that one can access using the paths between the beds. Spent compost from the potatoes in buckets added to the bed that has the sweetcorn in as soil conditioner.

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