Thursday, 11 August 2022

Home & Plot

Aztec Tomatoes in the Space Saver Greenhouse watered from the bottom daily and feed added once a week from the top.  

Aztec Tomatoes in the Space Saver Greenhouse 39,9C and 35C in the greenhouse with 41C in direct sunlight today.

10 Different varieties of tomatoes in the back garden in square flower buckets along the path 

Bio Green easy watering growing pot

Another pot with a water reservoir at the bottom & variety of tomato 

BioGreen City Jungle the green framework has got sun bleached in the three years it's been out in the back garden.

Courgettes planted out in one of the narrow beds using the new planting membrane I made a little while ago. 

Socrates F1 Cucumbers planted out along the old climbing frame behind the plum tree.  

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