Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Seed Saving Cucumbers Mini Whites

Not a good year for tomatoes this year but to quote Bill & Ted 

"A most excellent and bodacous year for the humble cucumber". 

The Mini Whites that I got in a seed swap some time ago have been prolific and they are so yummy. I have not found a person I have given some too who has not liked them, in fact my neighbours daughter wanted to know if I had given him any more as she wanted to relieve him of them if I had.  

Seeds cut from the middle of the cucumber when I chopped it up for a salad and left in water like tomato seeds. now washed off sieved and laid out on the plastic lids from KP Nut tins and left to dry out next to the airbrick above the tall fridge freezer in the kitchen before bagging up and putting away in small ziplok bags in one of my seed boxes, ready for next year. 

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