Saturday 21 September 2019

Boundaries and Kerb Stones

Saturday 21st September 2019 and its been another nice hot and sunny day with temperatures of 21C  - 22C. I took the hand mower to the main path as it had grown a few inches following being cut by idverde and the path between my plots 1 & 1A and 2 & 2A were very overgrown.

I decided to bite the bullet and install the kerb edgings along my side of the paths, so I strimmed and used my 175mm (7") 75mm 3" Diameter Power Planter auger to cut into the hard dry clay to form the base trench for the kerb stones. It wound the bind weed up and I placed the auger in the bucket and reversed the direction off the drill and spun out the bindweed. It would have taken me much longer if I had to trench by hand, the Power Planter is a god send. 

When I get around to doing the front of the plot on the main path I will video just how fast the Power Planter makes putting in these kerb edgings. 

The weather has been so hot and dry this year that the T&G Cladding on the shed is not coping very well and once these come apart they don't tend to re engage. It looks like I will have some more sealing from the inside to stop the weather getting in to do.

The gaps that I filled in a few weeks ago in the middle photo have opened up even more 

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