Sunday 15 September 2019

Apple Acidic Compost

There are two Apple trees in the back garden; they are cookers and very acidic so much so that if your hand turn black as you peel them. We did try making apple crumble with them when we first moved in but you had to add so much sugar it was unreal.

The trees have grown massive after a pollarding a couple of years ago and are full of fruit. As a result I’m taking about 12 buckets with lids worth of apples down and putting into specific Daleks to make acidic compost a week from the wind falls. At the moment I now have three Daleks full to the brim and it smells like a brewery in that part of the plot.

Another six potatoes in buckets were sorted out, cucumber and runner beans were harvested this Sunday. 24C in direct sunlight mid Setember it's just crazy. It was not long before I retreated to the shed and had a sort out and a nice cool drink. 

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