Saturday 14 September 2019

It's Not A Shed it's A Beach Hut

When your Daughter is getting married and has a Seaside and Beach themed reception and says "Dad I need a Beech Hut Letter Box made for the wedding!" 

A visit to the timber bone yard on the allotment for roofing batten and to Melvin Clarks for a sheet of hardboard, A search for your staple gun, Ryobi circular saw, hand saw and the white undercoat & paint brush and in a couple of hours you have knocked up a base (not in the photo) and the start of a Beach Hut Letter Box, and given it the first undercoat.   

Roof Gets First Coat Of Black

Walls Get First Coat Of Blue 

Base and Sand Castles awaiting their flags but Blue Strips need another coat.  

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