Monday 17 December 2018

GYO Grapevine Seed Circle

It's that time of year again when Seedmas comes. Seedmas is basically a seed circle and  is arranged by one of the Moderators on the Grow Your Own Magazine Grapevine forum. 

Basically those interested save seeds and then package them and submit them to the organiser sending their contribution in using a sturdy envelope with a return label and a Large first class stamp.    

1. Scarlet - Violet Jasper - Tiny Tim - Hahms Gelbe
2. VC - Livingstons Favourite - Homosa 
3. Thelma - Polish Linguisa, and just 2 or 3 seeds of Nectar Rose 
4.JJ- Zlatava & moskowsi ultra skorospelyi 
5. MarkP - True Black Brandy Wine - Okeron Yellow 
6. SP - German Red Strawberry 
7. Norfolk Grey - Black Vernissage Giallo D'inverno 
8. Trip - Black Russian 
9. Bramble - Stupice - salisaw cafe
10. Ms T - La Carotina Tomato OrangePeacevine 
11. Cads - Micro Tom - Repunzel - Balconi Red - Red Robin
12. Paulie - Angelle, Principe Borghese 
13. farendwoman - Black Triefle, Black Cherry 

Thanks to various seed circles I have contributed too I now have nearly 100 different varieties of tomato seeds in my Seed Bank and I grow 25 or more different varieties of tomatoes each year.  

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