Thursday 27 December 2018

Tomato Seedmas Arrives

Grow Your Own Magazine Grapevine Forum Seed Circle package arrives 

1. Scarlet - Violet Jasper - Tiny Tim - Hahms Gelbe
2. VC - Livingstons Favourite - Homosa 
3. Thelma - Polish Linguisa, and just 2 or 3 seeds of Nectar Rose 
4.JJ- Zlatava & moskowsi ultra skorospelyi & Lukullus
5. MarkP - True Black Brandy Wine - Okeron Yellow 
6. SP - German Red Strawberry 
7. Norfolk Grey - Black Vernissage Giallo D'inverno 
8. Trip - Black Russian 
9. Bramble - Stupice - salisaw cafe
10. Ms T - La Carotina Tomato OrangePeacevine 
11. Cads - Micro Tom - Repunzel - Balconi Red - Red Robin
12. Paulie - Angelle, Principe Borghese 
13. farendwoman - Black Triefle, Black Cherry 

In addition to the seed circle tomatoes, I've received some from the Tomatoes from the  Virtual Seed Parcel that need growing and fresh seeds saved and returned to the Bank next year. 

Nicos - Petit Moneau (Red Currant Tomato
Scarlet - Cyrils Choice
Unknown - First In Field
Rosie Pumpkin - White Cherry Tomato
Rosie Pumpkin - Raspberry Oxheart Tomato
Unknown - Latah Red Tomato
Chilli Grower - Red Alert
Seasprout - Alaskan Fancy
Unknown - Egyptian
Nellie-m - Lukullus
Café Seeds - Sallisaw café 
Unknown - Stupice (Cold Tolerant)

Having now found links to the details about the tomatoes, I'm going to get the seed labels ready for those that I don't have seed labels for already and perhaps even the paper labels ready for when I save the seeds next year for returning to the seed bank and next years seed circle. 

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