Saturday, 26 August 2017

Drop Off and Pick Up Area Update

I was on site early this morning as there was a meeting with Redrow and the Allotments Council Officer and I regarding the formation of the drop off and pick up area.

It looks like we are not only back on track but in fact have ended up with a better specification of works than we originally had agreed, largely due I'm informed by the generosity of Natta Building Company Limited the groundworks subcontractor on the Redrow scheme, who I would like to thank for their generosity, it is much appreciated by all the plot holders especially the special needs allotmenteers who work plots 13, 13A & 14 and come to their plots via minivan and car with their carers and who will now be able to be dropped off in the entrance to the allotment. 

The growth and debris in the area is to be removed and arising's from the demolition are to be laid and compacted and a new timber fence to match that erected between the development is to be erected between the bees on plot 14A and the new area.

A small work party has been arranged to cut a way into the overgrown area create a path and define a line for the contractor to work too when using earth moving equipment to clear and level the area before laying and compacting the risings.  

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