Friday, 15 April 2016

Sowing Time 04 - More Tomatoes & Replacements

I've been doing the Greenhouse and Kitchen shuffle Unheated Greenhouse during the day and Kitchen at night with the toms and had a mishap and lost a tray or put it another way 8 varieties of Tomatoes that were just coming up as seedling slipped out of my hands and hit the deck going everywhere. I lost:- 

Cherry Cascade F1 
Crimson Crush F1 
Lizzano F1
Nectar Rose
Red Robin
Red Zebra
Sunset Terenzo F1
Terenzo F1 Hybrid 

With no real way of identifying what was what and them being a little to small for transplant, its re sowing time.

Germination of the other seed sown on the 27th March which is 19 days from sowing stands at

 3 of 4 100’s & 1000’s 
 0 of 4 Beefsteak
 0 of 4 Blush
 0 of 4 Harbinger 
 1 of 4 Heartbreaker F1 .
 0 of 4 Kibitz 
 2 of 4 Plum Roma
 3 of 4 Rainbow Blend F1
 0 of 4 Sandpipe
 5 of 4 Sunset Red Horizon
 1 of 4 Sweet Mullion F1
 0 of 4 Sweet’n’Neat F1
 0 of 4 Tumbler

Of course the best tray with the most germinated seeds was the one that hit the deck

Re Sowing and New Varieties sown
  4 x Amish Mayberry
  4 x Cherry Cascade F1
  4 x Crimson Crush F1
  4 x Ferline
  4 x Nectar Rose
  4 x Outdoor Girl
  4 x Red Robin 
  4 x Red Zebra 
  4 x Stupike Poini Rane
  4 x Super Roma
  4 x Sunset Terenzo F1
  4 x Sweet Aperitif  
  2 x Terenzo F1 Hybrid - Last of the seeds
  4 x Tomatoberry Garden F1 Hybrid
  4 x Tumbling Tom Red

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