Sunday, 3 April 2016

Quadbikes Vs Allotment

Well  the weather is not looking too bad today, indeed its a perfect day to go to the allotment but not for me.... because my daughters have bought me a two hour Quad Bike Adventure course for those wishing to take their quad biking to the next level for my Birthday last month. 

Hang on I have never driven a Quad bike, OK ex Biker who had a Yamaha YDS 250cc back in the 70's

Groups are no larger than 3 riders per instructor, So that means "the instructor will tailor the session for you specifically so it can be as demanding or leisurely as you wish!"  Hoh yes demanding, and we get to "spend a full 2 hours on the bike where you can build our confidence and work our  way to negotiating the most extreme climbs and drops the site has to offer! Ummm OK how demanding?

You will tackle both safari style routes, as well as tricky obstacles – climbs, descents, ditches, water hazards and side slopes over a mixture of open and woodland terrain.


We had what can only be described as the best birthday experience that Emma and Kelly had ever arranged for me. Put it this way I reminded them that Fathers Day is coming up, as once we had finished our 2 hour stint, It was so enjoyable that I could have done it all over again there and then. We all said that we would love to come back for more and we will. 

Paul our instructor took us over the quads and explained how they worked and how to use them in different situations. He got us to start them and circle then got each of us to perform an emergency stop. Once we were comfortable, and he was satisfied that we had mastered the basics off we went. At each stage we stopped and were briefed about what we were going to do next and how to deal with the increasing difficulty factors and at the end of two hours we had been through tracks in the woods and up and down steep hills, were going down chalk quarries through water and up the steep slopes on the other side, and just having a shed load of fun.  

A big Thank you to Paul our instructor and guide for a smashing afternoon, that's him in the photograph above if you want a really enjoyable couple of hours then contact TRUE GRIP

Telephone 01233 662251
Twitter @truegrip

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