Saturday 27 January 2024

In My Seed Box For 2024 - Spinach

Updated 8th February 2024

New in the Dobies catalogue for 2024 with an average of 350 Seeds in a pack for £2.49

Excellent resistance to downy mildew makes Spinach ‘Patton’ a strong choice for winter production in a cold greenhouse, as well as for summer picking. This super-hardy, reliable variety forms sturdy, upright plants with thick, dark green, slightly wavy leaves that are resistant to bolting and perfect for use at baby leaf stage or larger. 

Days to maturity: 42. 

Height and spread: 30cm (12in).

New in the Dobies catalogue for 2023 Santa Cruz F1  
Packed year ending 2023

In 2023 £2.99 for 500 Seeds 
In 2024 £2.99 for 500 Seeds
At time of this post On sale for 89p

Rounded medium green leaves and tender stems
Slower growing and slow to bolt
 Good resistance to downy mildew

A slow-to-bolt variety that shows great resistance to downy mildew. Highly versatile, spinach 'Santa Cruz' F1 can be harvested either as baby leaf or allowed to develop into mature leaves. 

The dark green leaves are rounded in shape with short, very tender stems. 

Height and spread: 20cm (8in).

NEW for Mr Fothergills in 2023 
item Code 39200

In 2023 £2.40 for 300 Seeds 
In 2024 £2.89 for 300 Seeds

Fast growing with an upright habit for easy picking, it has one of the highest levels of resistance to downy mildew available, ideal for organic growing.

NEW for D.T.Brown in 2024
In 2024 £2.89 for 300 Seeds

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