Thursday 1 June 2023

Taking Things Slow

OK so a few days at St Georges Hospital for tests and being prodded poked, cut, and sampled, radiated and scanned and so yesterday afternoon I hit the settee had a couple of hours sleep in the afternoon and this morning took things really slow, and then allowed myself just a short visit to the allotment this afternoon to water everything in the potting shed and pot on a few Mini Dwarf Tomatoes for the Westland Horticulture V Dalefoot Composts head to head Tomato Compost grow off into their final pots.

Potting Up pair 7 Tomatoes for the Westland Horticulture V Dalefoot Composts grow off or head to head. I fill the pot with compost using the same size vending machine cup so the tomatoes pop straight into the new pots

These tomatoes were very similar when potted up into the vending machine cups.

These tomatoes were very similar when potted up into the vending machine cups.

All these tomatoes were more or less the same size when they were potted into the vending machine cups filled with either Dalefoot Composts or Westland Horticulture Compost

Pair 4 

Each tomato was watered by the same amount from the top and then from the bottom saucer.

Water in the saucer filled to the same level in all the tomatoes potted up today.

Pots filled using a vending machine cup (now removed) to make the hole a perfect fit for the tomatoes from the vending machine cups.

Pair 6 Six potted up.

Pair 5 Potted up, and I can't help but notice that the tomatoes at the moment appear to have better growth in the Westland Horticulture compost, but its not over until the fat lady (are we allowed to say that anymore) Sings

At the end of the day the teller will be how healthy and how much fruit they bear at harvest.

I installed the terracotta wine bottle watering gizmo next to the melon that I have under glass in the grapevine bed. It was the only bending down that I allowed myself to do today, and my head did spin a little when I did it.

Lesson learnt I should have stayed on the settee this afternoon but the call of the allotment was irresistible! Tomorrow morning I'm having an electrocardiogram.

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