Friday 16 June 2023

Site Inspections

An early morning visit to the allotment as Jane came to do the plot inspections today.

With getting the tomatoes out and into the ground yesterday, I potted up a few more tomatoes and have taken the rest home to transplant in the back garden allowing me to organise the top level of the staging a little better, and have taken some photos of the eight pairs of tomatoes in the Westland Horticulture V Dalefoot Composts challenge or head to head, and I have to say the results so far are not what I was expecting.
In the past a couple of years ago when I did this head to head grow off, Dalefoot Compost produced much healthier looking plants than westland Compost and with the new Comfrey added to Dalefoots Tomato compost I was anticipating that once again Dalefoot would come out on top.
However I have to say that when I transplanted the seedlings into the two different composts they were more or less the same size, I selected plants from the various batches I grew that were as near the same size and shape to make the grow off as fair as possible.
As you will see the results so far is that not only are the westland plants more or less twice as large as the Dalefoot (Indeed one Dalefoot plant has curled up and died) but the westland plants now have flowers forming and I will start feeing with the westland BIG TOM feed.
Therein lies the problem, the Dalefoot is supposed to have enough feed in it that one should not need to feed the plants but if I don't feed them are they ever going to catch up with the westland plants?
So I have some seaweed feed, should I perhaps feed the Dalefoot with the sea weed or perhaps feed both sets of tomatoes with the westland BIG TOM Feed?
Please tell me what you think I should do to move this experiment forward?

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