Saturday 9 October 2021

White Star - Multi-Purpose Onion

White Star is a great multi-purpose onion, from the Dobies Rob Smith Range, is Ideal to produce continental sized salad onions and snow-white bulb onions, plus the thinned onions can be used as spring onions! 

3 types of onions from one sowing, if left to create bulbs, will store for several months. Great for small spaces or busy gardeners. 

Sow March - September at 3 weekly intervals. Sow liberally 13mm (1/2") deep in drills 150mm (6") apart. For an early crop sow seeds in September and overwinter in a cold frame or under cloches.

Harvest April - October

Rob says: “A nice, strong onion flavour, perfect to add a kick to salads or stir-fry, pasta and sauces, plus they make a brilliant cheese and onion sandwich!

Dobies - Rob Smith Range - White Star - 300 Seeds - £3.00 non members 

My only problem now is do I add this pack to the Onions container or Spring Onions container in my two seed box system?

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