Friday 29 October 2021

Top 10 Allotment Conflicts!

A countdown of the 10 biggest causes for conflict on our allotments!

Allotments and community gardens are a place to escape the chaos of everyday life and find a few hours of peace and quiet whilst getting back to nature. That peace and quiet is not always guaranteed though, as we find out now.
Allotments are a fantastic resource for people the world over and this video is not intended to scare or deter people from using them. I have been an allotment holder for many years and have enjoyed almost every second of my time on the plot. The positives of allotment ownership overwhelm the negatives many time over and I would not hesitate to recommend to everyone!

I've had my allotments since 2012 and have been a site rep since 2013 as no one on the site wanted to do the job, and I was requested to take it by the Allotment administrator at the council.

Being an allotment site rep can be rewarding, but it can also come with a host of difficulties and problems. I can identify with the top 10 conflicts in this video and have seen many of them in action. As the author of this video, I have enjoyed almost every second of time on the plot, and he is right the positives do overwhelm the negatives, plus you get nice preservative free vegetables to eat as long as some bastard doesn't nick them at which stage you get into wild life photography.

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