Sunday 31 October 2021

In My Seedbox for 2022 - Onion Sets

I bought this Autumn Planting Onion Set Collection from D.T.Brown this weekend as it includes 3 x 250g each (80 sets approx.) of Radar £3.95, Electric £3.95 and Snowball £3.95 = £11.85 Reduced by £2 to £9.85 and this weekend there was a code for free post and packing. That saved me going into the high street and seeing what Wilko had left.

Radar If you experience severe winters, try ultra-hardy Radar as it puts up with the worst of the weather much better than many older varieties. This outstanding performer has a mild and crisp flavour.

Electric A really attractive addition to the early summer salad bowl with beautiful red skin and flesh. The family cook will want to use this beautiful onion in a wide range of dishes. Just the job for a cheese and onion flan.

Snowball White skinned, as its name suggests, Snowball has a lovely, mild flavour and the bulbs keep well. A great choice for baking whole with the Sunday roast!

No kitchen garden is complete without onions - and planting our sets this autumn means you will have a supply early next summer just as stored bulbs are scarce and before next season’s maincrop is ready. All of D.T.Browns bulbs are certified as disease and virus free.

250g pack contains around 80 sets for planting so 240 sets approx.

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